Do Girls Like Skinny Guys

Do Girls Like Skinny Guys

Do girls like boys or thin? 3

So I go to the gym every day, I'm lean, but I've gained 13kg in the last 7 months. I wonder if girls like guys who are really thin or guys who have a little more flesh and muscle on their bones, hahahaha

do not .

Thin or medium is fine.

I don't think most girls want men to be thinner than they are, I'm sure we won't.

Muscle / foot is always good.

Answer me

I wrap up I love the boy's muscles! More or less a moment or something that is difficult and deviating effluent and cost ... alors, itevitez this point: p Je suis d'accord that personally plays a role in a relationship, more vous must also previnore soin. I work hard for myself and hope my husband will do the same. In my opinion, a relationship will not work if the two people involved are not physically attractive. My boyfriend is very muscular, 8 pack, but overall he is a thin man. He likes it, z lol! However, the feeling of over-protection is very important to me, and nothing beats with strong arms around you. And it's an advantage if he picks you up hahaha xD However, every girl is different and like all boys, other girls like her too. I have friends who like the shape of the lane and it's great for them :)

Do Girls Like Skinny Guys