Do Dogs Understand English

Do Dogs Understand English

Does the dog understand English? 3

There is a YouTube video that claims to be true. What do you think

I think dogs can understand some words. The average smart dog is like a 2 year old, he can understand about 160 words. And some dogs can understand up to 300 words.

And it's not just your voice, because sometimes I'm talking to a friend of mine and suddenly our dog jumps up and sees us ..., eat, drop (including Nous oa labo ...) there, .. Really very stupid! :)

By the way, I'm Portuguese, so my dogs don't understand English, they speak Portuguese fluently, idiot! : of the

Do Dogs Understand English

Do Dogs Understand English

Dogs understand sound and language. Based on the doctors I have consulted and the books I have read, they can detect eye movements up to 1/8. And they are naturally more interested in human activities than wolves and other wild dogs. They easily make connections between certain objects or actions and sounds. This sound can be a word in any language, real or superior. If you ask your dog if he wants a glow brake whenever you put lead on his leash, he will soon learn that a glow break means running. If you want an interesting and rewarding experience, teach your dog hand gestures. If your dog lives too long, he may lose at least part of his sight and / or hearing. So highlight a different signature for each word / command that you understand and see how long it takes to understand it. For example, place your right hand over your head when you tell it to lie down. Do this for a few days and then try the tricks, not the words. I use my thumbs up, smile and wave back and forth which means okay and not wrinkled thumbs. When your dog is on, turn on the blinking porch light to call him back. So when he fainted, he knew he had to go inside. Vision can also be used by tapping the broom against the ground or R.

Dogs understand English.

at last. If you hear this word a lot, be sure to follow it and change the meaning of the dog ... but you will have to do it more than once.

It is learning to speak like a child, only the process is very slow because dogs are not human and will never learn every language.

People just say they understand your voice.

I think you understand English!

When I ask my Border Koli to sit down, I move to pose, he is not lying, he is sitting. I think they understand English ... and it's amazing when you see a dog on Opera that can trust its claws (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). I think if dogs can count, it will be much easier for them to learn basic English words like Sit Lay Do, Roll Over.

Do Dogs Understand English

Do Dogs Understand English

Dogs understand the language you use to talk to them. Because of this, police dogs only learn German, so they can't talk to the dog and force him to do something he shouldn't do. My dogs understand more than I think and react to everything ... although I can sometimes say, they know what to say ...

A dog understands the words we teach it. The more you teach them, the more they will understand. My dog ​​has a solid vocabulary of maybe 100 words. You know the names of many different objects and actions. Dogs also read language and tone of voice to help them understand meaning. But people also use this tool.

Was he trained in English?

My dog ​​understands 3 languages ​​(of course limited words)

Pay attention to your language when giving routine commands. I'm sure you'll know what you do. Dogs recognize words, but with repetition.

One of my dogs is so smart that I often think he understands everything I say, but he is very observant and can't wait to please his pack leader. He followed in my footsteps.

I say this, but I have to spell that word or he will get upset and think I will ask him if he wants to go out. She is so beautiful.

No, they do not understand language, but they can recognize certain words through their language and language.

Dogs understand the language in which they are trained. I know that the Canine family language consists of 2 languages.

Do Dogs Understand English