Do Candles Produce Carbon Monoxide

Do Candles Produce Carbon Monoxide

Do candles emit carbon monoxide when they burn? 3

Is it bad for us and for us to light 5 candles in a room with closed doors and windows?

Yes, the amount of oxygen that can participate in the combustion process is limited by the molecular size of the wax vapor and the size of the flame.

And the share of CO is very low because the flame is small and there is no danger from using ordinary candles.

(Carbon (in the form of mascara) is also reduced in smoke flames.)

But in a tightly closed room, where 5 candles stay lit for a long time, not only CO is formed, but also CO2 is formed on the surface, and the amount of oxygen in the room is depleted.

Carbon monoxide is produced in all types of combustion, but when enough oxygen is present, it is present in small amounts and poses no danger.

Five lighted candles in a normal room should not be a danger. In that case, CO2 will probably be your first headache and discomfort. CO is very dangerous because it is toxic.

I pilot an airplane that I build and install myself. Since there is always an exhaust leak, I have a CO detector on my panel. It is not an electronic device but a simple chemical that changes from yellow to red as the CO level rises.

You may crash due to CO2 build up. It depends on the amount of air in the room.

But did you know that most of its uses are due to wax? In other words, leaving candles unattended is a serious risk.

In fact, let me repeat: Regular lighting of candles increases the risk of overuse and severe burns.


Do Candles Produce Carbon Monoxide