Do Butterscotch Morsels Go Bad

Do Butterscotch Morsels Go Bad

Does Airscout Fries Expire? 3

In need of some food, I found airscotch chips in my pantry. They have no expiration date, so I wonder if they are still OK. For use.

They should be fine as long as they are kept in an airtight bag if they have already been opened.

You were fine until the mouse came!

I have many grandchildren who stock French fries, marshmallows, etc. Whoever invented the stock, I sometimes get stuck with cco chips and others spend years using them.

Why is everyone so afraid that it will not break? As long as these items are kept in a cool, dry place, they have a shelf life of 10 years!

The best dates in advance are for medicine, meat, vegetables, fruits and more! Sealed packages do not contain flour, sugar, cake toppings or nuts.

Colette has no taste ... so AirScoach is my favorite.

None of them are fine. To enjoy!

I think they are all ready.

Do Butterscotch Morsels Go Bad