DJIA P/E (Price/Earnings)

DJIA P/E (Price/Earnings),

Definition of DJIA P/E (Price/Earnings):

  • The DJIA's current price is divided by the Annual Estimated Earnings (EPS), taking into account the index multiplier. Many analysts consider buying and selling indicators of 24 or less 8 values.

Literal Meanings of DJIA P/E (Price/Earnings)


Meanings of DJIA:
  1. Dow Jones Industry Average


Meanings of P:
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Meanings of E:
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Sentences of E
  1. 139 ° E


Meanings of Price:
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Sentences of Price
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Synonyms of Price

evaluate, total, financial value, forfeit, selling price, assay, figure, price, charge, set the price of, penalty, appraise, value, monetary value, terms, levy, result, fare, rate, sacrifice, amount, estimate, cost


Meanings of Earnings:
  1. Charges for work or services.

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Sentences of Earnings
  1. It is a form of personal retirement provision with little reference to income or seniority.

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Synonyms of Earnings

gross pay, pay, net pay, take-home pay, stipend, salary, wages