Dividends Actually Paid

Dividends Actually Paid,

What is Dividends Actually Paid?

Dividends Actually Paid means, In fact, the profits paid as insurance are treated as the amount or status of the profits received during the term of the contract.

Literal Meanings of Dividends Actually Paid


Meanings of Dividends:
  1. A company pays its shareholders regularly (usually annually) from its profits (or reserves).

  2. Number to divide by another number.

Sentences of Dividends
  1. Tax exemption on dividend payments from pension funds has been abolished.

  2. Numeric symbol must be more than one.

Synonyms of Dividends

return, emolument, income, percentage, yield, dividend, winnings, proceeds, interest, receipts, takings, profit, advantage, earnings, reward, benefit


Meanings of Actually:
  1. Like the reality of a reality or reality.

  2. Used to emphasize whether someone said something or was astonishing.

Sentences of Actually
  1. We have to focus on the work of the youth

  2. I really hope you are happy!

Synonyms of Actually

in truth, actually, nay, you could say, veritably, to all intents and purposes, literally, more precisely, possibly, indeed, in effect, or rather


Meanings of Paid:
  1. Back and forth wages

  2. (Work or leave) during or during payment.

Sentences of Paid
  1. One month vacation