Dividend Per Share (DPS)

Dividend Per Share (DPS),

How Do You Define Dividend Per Share (DPS)?

  • Dividend per share (DPS) is the amount of profit issued for the outstanding shares of a company. This amount is calculated by dividing the total shares of the company, including the interim profit, by the number of common shares over a specified period. A company's DPS usually comes from the profit paid in the last quarter, which is also used to calculate the profit margin.

Literal Meanings of Dividend Per Share (DPS)


Meanings of Dividend:
  1. A company pays its shareholders regularly (usually quarterly) out of profits (or reserves).

  2. A large number was divided by the second number.

Sentences of Dividend
  1. Pension fund profit tax exemption has been abolished.

  2. Dividend must have more than one distribution symbol.

Synonyms of Dividend

proceeds, yield, profit, interest, income, advantage, emolument, winnings, benefit, percentage, earnings, takings, receipts, dividend, return, reward


Meanings of Per:
  1. For each (used with units for price expression)

  2. Distributed by manual.

Sentences of Per
  1. A gas station that charges 1.29 g per gallon

  2. By jumper

  3. Made according to instructions

Synonyms of Per

in obedience to, heeding, each, every, in fulfilment of, observing, honouring, true to, commensurate with, in accordance with, to, as per, following, in agreement with, in conformity with, in keeping with, in compliance with, in line with, in harmony with, per, as specified by


Meanings of Share:
  1. Share (something) with someone else

  2. A portion or part of a large sum of money that is distributed to several people or in which several people participate.

  3. One of the equivalent shares in which the company's capital is divided, thus retaining a portion of the profits.

  4. Examples of posting or republishing content on apps or social networking sites.

Sentences of Share
  1. She shared the cake with him

  2. Under the proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  3. By 7:30 p.m., he had shared 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 on Facebook.

Synonyms of Share

due, divide, ration, portion, allotment, division, split, go halves in, bit, go halves with, allocation, lot, measure, part, allowance, quota