Dividend Growth Rate (3 Yr And Current Year)

Dividend Growth Rate (3 Yr And Current Year),

Dividend Growth Rate (3 Yr And Current Year):

  1. Meaning of Dividend Growth Rate (3 Yr And Current Year): For some securities, the combined unaudited annual profit rate for the last three fiscal years.

Literal Meanings of Dividend Growth Rate (3 Yr And Current Year)


Meanings of Dividend:
  1. A company pays its shareholders a fixed (usually quarterly) profit (or reserve).

  2. Number to divide by another number.

Sentences of Dividend
  1. Tax exemption on dividend payments from pension funds has been abolished.

  2. Numeric symbol must be more than one.

Synonyms of Dividend

yield, receipts, advantage, winnings, income, benefit, proceeds, takings, profit, earnings, return, emolument, percentage, dividend, interest, reward


Meanings of Growth:
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Sentences of Growth
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  3. All vintages in the champagne region are legally classified

Synonyms of Growth

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Meanings of Rate:
  1. Pay a fixed price or charge something for something, especially good or service.

Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises

Synonyms of Rate

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Meanings of Yr:
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  3. You.


Meanings of And:
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Sentences of And
  1. If it was an option and it was the worst, he would have left his parents

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Meanings of Year:
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Sentences of Year
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Synonyms of Year

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