Dividend Frequency

Dividend Frequency,

Definition of Dividend Frequency:

  • The definition of Dividend Frequency is: How many times has the given mutual fund paid dividends?

Literal Meanings of Dividend Frequency


Meanings of Dividend:
  1. A company pays its shareholders a fixed (usually quarterly) profit (or reserve).

  2. Number to divide by another number.

Sentences of Dividend
  1. Tax exemption on dividend payments from pension funds has been abolished.

  2. Numeric symbol must be more than one.

Synonyms of Dividend

interest, winnings, income, emolument, earnings, profit, benefit, dividend, advantage, reward, yield, receipts, proceeds, return, percentage, takings


Meanings of Frequency:
  1. The rate at which it occurs from time to time or from time to time or in a particular pattern.

  2. The rate at which a second wave represents, either in a substance (such as sound waves) or in an electromagnetic field (such as radio and light waves), is usually measured per second. Or another system is sending or receiving signals.

Sentences of Frequency
  1. Stores closed as much as possible during the reporting period

  2. Different thicknesses of glass absorb different sound frequencies