Definition of Divestiture:

  1. A transfer is a complete or partial transfer of a business entity through a sale, exchange, forecast or bankruptcy. Sales are often the result of management's decision to suspend business operations because they are not part of the core competency.

  2. Sell ​​or dispose of the company's assets to achieve the desired goal, for example, increase liquidity or reduce the debt burden. In accounting, sales transactions are sometimes recorded as gains or losses.

  3. The act or process of selling the commercial or investment interests of a subsidiary.

  4. If the business unit is deemed useless after the merger or acquisition, the sale of this unit increases the selling price of the company, or if the court requires the sale of the business unit to increase market competition. Can also be sold. Marketplace.

How to use Divestiture in a sentence?

  1. As companies grow, they can focus on many areas. Therefore, share is a way to stay profitable.
  2. Disposal occurs when a company issues a portion of all of its assets through sale, negotiation, closure or bankruptcy.
  3. Little did I know when I heard my mother use words like bankruptcy and dispossession to mean something bad for me and my sister.
  4. You may need to make money quickly for your business and you may want to lose some of your assets.
  5. Sometimes, a new opportunity presents itself and you may need to act quickly, but you don't have the money, so you need to get out of it.
  6. Disposal of government assets.
  7. The acquisition allows companies to reduce costs, repay debts, focus on their core business and increase shareholder value.

Meaning of Divestiture & Divestiture Definition