Definition of Divest:

  1. Deprive (someone) of power, rights, or possessions.

  2. The act of selling off or disposing of assets, investments, or even of divisions of a company.

Synonyms of Divest

Deprive, Strip, Dispossess, Relieve, Abridge, Bankrupt, Bare, Bereave, Bleed, Bleed white, Curtail, Cut off, Denudate, Denude, Deplume, Deprive, Deprive of, Despoil, Disencumber, Disentitle, Disinherit, Dismantle, Displume, Dispossess, Disrobe, Doff, Drain, Dry, Ease one of, Exhaust, Expose, Flay, Fleece, Impoverish, Lay bare, Lay open, Lighten one of, Lose, Milk, Mine, Mulct, Oust, Pick clean, Pluck, Plunder, Put off, Relieve, Remove, Rid, Rob, Shear, Skin, Spoil, Strip, Strip bare, Suck dry, Take away from, Take from, Take off, Tap, Uncloak, Unclothe, Uncover, Undress, Unsheathe, Unveil

How to use Divest in a sentence?

  1. Men are unlikely to be divested of power without a struggle.

Meaning of Divest & Divest Definition