Definition of Diversion:

  1. Commerce: Practice in which goods intended for a particular market are diverted to be sold in another, usually without the knowledge or permission of the primary vendor. See also doctrine of exhaustion.

  2. Shipping: (1) Change that redirects an enroute shipment to a consignee or port of destination different from the original. It is an illegal practice where the particular goods are prohibited from diversion. (2) Service offered by a carrier that allows a consignor to divert an enroute shipment from its original consignee or port of destination to another, usually without paying additional freight or fees.

  3. An instance of turning something aside from its course.

  4. An activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.

Synonyms of Diversion

Rerouting, Redirection, Turning aside, Deflection, Digression, Deviation, Divergence, Aberrancy, Aberration, About-face, Abuse, Abuse of office, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adjustment, Aerial tactics, Aggravated assault, Aggression, Airborne tactics, Alteration, Amelioration, Amphibious attack, Amusement, Apostasy, Applied tactics, Armed assault, Armored tactics, Assailing, Assailment, Assault, Attack, Banzai attack, Barrier tactics, Befoulment, Bend, Betterment, Bias, Blitz, Blitzkrieg, Branching off, Break, Breakthrough, Bypass, Cavalry tactics, Change, Change of heart, Changeableness, Charge, Circuitousness, Constructive change, Continuity, Conversion, Corner, Corrupt administration, Counterattack, Counteroffensive, Coup de main, Crippling attack, Crook, Curve, Dead set at, Debasement, Declination, Defalcation, Defection, Defensive strategy, Defilement, Deflection, Degeneration, Degenerative change, Delectation, Departure, Descent on, Desecration, Deterioration, Detour, Deviance, Deviancy, Deviation, Deviousness, Difference, Digression, Discontinuity, Discursion, Disport, Dissipation, Distractedness, Distraction, Divagation, Divarication, Divergence, Diversification, Diversionary attack, Diversity, Divertisement, Divertissement, Divided attention, Dogleg, Double, Drift, Drifting, Drive, Embezzlement, Encirclement, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Errantry, Excursion, Excursus, Exorbitation, Feint, Fire tactics, Fitting, Flank attack, Flip-flop, Fouling, Frivolity, Frontal attack, Fun, Game, Gas attack, Gradual change, Hairpin, Head-on attack, Improvement, Inattention, Indirection, Infantry tactics, Infiltration, Investment, Levity, Lightning attack, Lightning war, Maladministration, Malfeasance, Malpractice, Malversation, Mass attack, Megadeath, Melioration, Mirth, Misapplication, Misappropriation, Misconduct, Misemployment, Misfeasance, Mishandling, Mismanagement, Misusage, Misuse, Mitigation, Mob tactics, Mobile tactics, Modification, Modulation, Mugging, Obliquity, Offense, Offensive, Onset, Onslaught, Overkill, Overthrow, Panzer warfare, Passe-temps, Pastime, Peculation, Pererration, Perversion, Pilfering, Pincers movement, Play, Pleasure, Pollution, Poor stewardship, Profanation, Prostitution, Push, Qualification, Radical change, Rambling, Re-creation, Realignment, Recreation, Redesign, Reform, Reformation, Regalement, Relaxation, Relish, Remaking, Renewal, Reshaping, Restructuring, Reversal, Revival, Revivification, Revolution, Run against, Run at, Rush, Sally, Sheer, Shift, Shifting, Shifting course, Shifting path, Shock tactics, Sidetrack, Skew, Slant, Solace, Sortie, Sport, Strategy, Straying, Strike, Sudden change, Sweep, Swerve, Swerving, Swinging, Switch, Tack, Tactics, Total change, Transition, Turn, Turnabout, Turning, Twist, Unprovoked assault, Upheaval, Variation, Variety, Veer, Violation, Violent change, Wandering, Warp, Withdrawal of attention, Worsening, Yaw, Zigzag, Entertainment, Amusement, Recreation, Pastime, Game, Hobby

How to use Diversion in a sentence?

  1. In order to win the battle, the army had to create a diversion ,a distraction to keep the enemy occupied for a long time.
  2. A diversion of resources from defense to civil research.
  3. Two of the students seemed to be having a loud disagreement but they were really creating a diversion so their friend could slip out of the classroom unnoticed by the teacher and save them a good spot in the lunch line.
  4. Sometimes if you are competing with a company for something you can create a diversion to get them focused on another task.
  5. Our chief diversion was reading.

Meaning of Diversion & Diversion Definition