Divergent thinking

Divergent thinking,

Definition of Divergent thinking:

  1. Idea generation technique (such as brainstorming) in which an idea is followed in several directions to lead to one or more new ideas, which in turn lead to still more ideas. In contrast to convergent thinking, (which aims at solving a specific problem) divergent thinking is creative, open-ended thinking aimed at generating fresh views and novel solutions.

How to use Divergent thinking in a sentence?

  1. We suggested divergent thinking as an alternative to creatively generate ideas for our new business. This proved to be successful for us.
  2. I knew in order to come up with a great idea for the movie, we had to practice divergent thinking cause we would get the best idea that way.
  3. Being able to properly use divergent thinking will allow you to see things that other companies may not forecast for the future.

Meaning of Divergent thinking & Divergent thinking Definition