Definition of Dithering:

  1. Indecisive behaviour.

  2. Add white noise to (a digital recording) to reduce distortion of low-amplitude signals.

  3. Be indecisive.

  4. A state of agitation.

  5. Display or printing of any new (intermediate) color or shade of gray by mingling dots of different colors or shades. Dithering attempts to bypass the hardware limitations that make it impossible for any output device to display or print all possible colors.

Synonyms of Dithering

Panic, State of fear, Fluster, Hesitate, Falter, Waver, Teeter, Vacillate, Oscillate, Fluctuate, Change ones mind, Be in two minds, Be ambivalent, Be indecisive, Be unsure, Be undecided

How to use Dithering in a sentence?

  1. In fact what I had done was to put the AIFF file in Wavelab, used the change gain function and re-dithered the song.
  2. I cant bear people who dither.
  3. All of a dither, he prophesied instant chaos.

Meaning of Dithering & Dithering Definition