Distributive bargaining

Distributive bargaining,

Definition of Distributive bargaining:

  1. Zero-sum or win-lose negotiations (where one partys gain is the other partys loss). It occurs when a fixed amount of assets or resources are to be divided (such as between a management and a union) in situations where there is no understanding between the negotiating parties on the major issues. Also called distributive negotiations.

How to use Distributive bargaining in a sentence?

  1. We entered a distributive bargaining agreement and I had my secretary read me over the terms and conditions of what that meant to our business.
  2. We engaged in distributive bargaining as this was not a win win situation so considering one party had to come out on top I think we did well.
  3. Dealing with the union, we knew it was going to result in distributive bargaining . One group was going to win, and one group was going to lose, it was that simple.

Meaning of Distributive bargaining & Distributive bargaining Definition