Definition of Distribution:

  1. Statistics: A sequence or pattern formed by the trend of a large number of cluster observations around the central value. The well-known bull curves are an example of a normal distribution on which most observations are concentrated, with few observations falling evenly on either side of the (east) line. See also frequency distribution, general distribution and standard distribution.

  2. Securities: The issuer pays a security, interest or profit on a regular basis (usually monthly or quarterly) to a security holder.

  3. Trade: The movement of goods and services through sources through distribution channels to eliminate customers, customers or consumers and the movement of payments in the opposite direction of the original producer or supplier.

  4. Share something between multiple recipients.

Synonyms of Distribution

Peppering, Formation, Spattering, Allotment, Propagation, Administration, Handing out, Collation, Order, Evaporation, Broadcast, Arraying, Dissemination, Disbursement, Passing round, Issuing, Doling out, Circumfusion, Sprinkling, Diffraction, Apportionment, Disbursal, Fragmentation, Broadcasting, Cataloguing, Divergence, Marshaling, Circulation, Classification, Regimentation, Shotgun pattern, Spread, Syntax, Dole, Assignment, Handing round, Doling, Spreading, Expansion, Strewing, Volatilization, Formulation, Dispersion, Allocation, Passing around, Giving out, Structuring, Division, Array, Dissipation, Constitution, Codification, Doling out, Disposal, Radiation, Sharing, Dispensation, Deployment, Administering, Dispersal, Dispensation, Dealing out, Paying out, Issuance, Sequence, Grouping, Giving out, Publication, Attenuation, Form, Diffusion, Placement, Issue, Dilution, Administration, Collocation, Scattering, Scatterment, Splay, Ordering, Issuance, Disposition, Arrangement, Sowing

How to use Distribution in a sentence?

  1. I am responsible for the sales and I have to give everything to other people, which makes me very happy.
  2. He printed it to share with his friends.
  3. You need a strong sales team to deliver your products to customers on time.
  4. You should try to divide the work evenly among your employees, so that they all work together.

Meaning of Distribution & Distribution Definition