Definition of Distortion:

  1. The action of distorting or the state of being distorted.

  2. The action of giving a misleading account or impression.

  3. Change in the form of an electrical signal or sound wave during processing.

  4. Deviation from the natural, normal, or original contour, shape, or size due to the application or withdrawal of a force (stress).

Synonyms of Distortion

Misrepresentation, Perversion, Twisting, Falsification, Misreporting, Misstatement, Manipulation, Warp, Twist, Contortion, Bend, Buckle, Deformation, Deformity, Curve, Curvature, Malformation, Disfigurement, Crookedness, Aberrancy, Aberration, Abstractionism, Abuse of terms, Anamorphosis, Apparent soundness, Bad likeness, Birdies, Birthmark, Blackhead, Bleb, Blemish, Blister, Blooping, Blurping, Botch, Bulla, Burlesque, Caricature, Casuistry, Catachresis, Check, Cicatrix, Circularity, Coloring, Comedo, Confabulation, Contorting, Crack, Crater, Craze, Daub, Defacement, Defect, Defectiveness, Deflection, Deflexure, Deformation, Deformity, Delusion, Deviancy, Diffraction, Diffusion, Disfiguration, Disfigurement, Disingenuousness, Dispersion, Eisegesis, Equivocalness, Equivocation, Errancy, Erroneousness, Error, Evasive reasoning, Exaggeration, Expressionism, Fallaciousness, Fallacy, False coloring, False swearing, Falseness, Falsification, Falsifying, Falsity, Fault, Faultiness, Feedback, Flaw, Flawedness, Flection, Flexure, Flutter, Fluttering, Freckle, Garbling, Gloss, Hamartia, Hemangioma, Heresy, Heterodoxy, Hickey, Hissing, Howling, Hum, Hyperbole, Illusion, Inaccuracy, Injustice, Insincerity, Jesuitism, Jesuitry, Keloid, Kink, Lentigo, Litotes, Malconformation, Malentendu, Malformation, Malobservation, Milium, Misapplication, Misapprehension, Miscitation, Miscoloring, Misconception, Misconstruction, Misdoing, Misdrawing, Misexplanation, Misexplication, Misexposition, Misfeasance, Misintelligence, Misinterpretation, Misjudgment, Mispainting, Misquotation, Misreading, Misrendering, Misreport, Misrepresentation, Misshape, Misstatement, Misteaching, Mistranslation, Misunderstanding, Misuse of words, Mole, Motorboating, Mystification, Needle scar, Nevus, Nonrealism, Obfuscation, Obscurantism, Overdrawing, Overstatement, Oversubtlety, Parody, Peccancy, Perjury, Perversion, Philosophism, Pimple, Pit, Plausibility, Plausibleness, Pock, Pockmark, Port-wine mark, Port-wine stain, Prevarication, Pustule, Rationalization, Refraction, Rift, Rumble, Scab, Scar, Scatter, Scratch, Scratching, Scribble, Sebaceous cyst, Self-contradiction, Shredding, Sin, Sinfulness, Skewness, Slanting, Sophism, Sophistical reasoning, Sophistication, Sophistry, Special pleading, Speciosity, Specious reasoning, Speciousness, Split, Squeals, Squeezing, Static, Straining, Strawberry mark, Sty, Subtlety, Torsion, Torturing, Track, Travesty, Twist, Twisting, Understatement, Unorthodoxy, Untrueness, Untruth, Untruthfulness, Verruca, Vesicle, Vicious circle, Vicious reasoning, Wale, Warp, Wart, Weal, Welt, Wen, Whistles, Whitehead, Woomping, Wow, Wowwows, Wrenching, Wrong, Wrongness

How to use Distortion in a sentence?

  1. The head-end BDA is a high gain amplifier with very low distortion characteristics.
  2. Were tired of the medias continuing distortion of our issues.
  3. The virus causes distortion of the leaves.

Meaning of Distortion & Distortion Definition