Definition of Distillate:

  1. Product obtained through distillation.

  2. Something formed by distilling.

Synonyms of Distillate

By-product, Concentrate, Concentration, Consequence, Consequent, Core, Corollary, Decoction, Derivation, Derivative, Development, Distillation, Effect, Elixir, Essence, Event, Eventuality, Eventuation, Extract, Extraction, Fabric, Fruit, Gist, Harvest, Heart, Infusion, Issue, Kernel, Legacy, Logical outcome, Marrow, Material, Matter, Meat, Medium, Nub, Offshoot, Offspring, Outcome, Outgrowth, Pith, Precipitate, Product, Purification, Quintessence, Refinement, Result, Resultant, Sap, Sequel, Sequela, Sequence, Sequent, Soul, Spirit, Stuff, Substance, Sum and substance, Upshot, Extract, Concentrate, Concentration, Quintessence, Distillate, Elixir, Abstraction, Decoction, Juice, Tincture, Solution, Suspension, Dilution

How to use Distillate in a sentence?

  1. Petroleum distillates.

Meaning of Distillate & Distillate Definition