Disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation,

Definition of Disruptive innovation:

  1. Clayton Christensen popularized the disruptive innovation theory in his book, Innovator Solutions, which follows the "Innovators' Dilemma" of 1997. Sustainable technology allows a company to gradually grow its business within the expected time frame.

  2. The process of changing existing technology and developing a new product or service to gain a competitive advantage. For example, in a typical high-tech innovation company, disruptive innovation shakes up the market when it is launched externally and is generally more for product development and promotion processes. Requires a creative interior style.

  3. Differentiated innovation refers to the technology whose application significantly affects the functioning of the market or industry. An example of a disruptive innovation is the Internet, which has dramatically changed the way companies do business and has a negative impact on companies that don't want to adapt.

How to use Disruptive innovation in a sentence?

  1. Differential innovation refers to new developments that radically change the way structures or industries work.
  2. The introduction of electric vehicles has frozen and its existence has proved less disturbing than expected.
  3. The Internet is an example of disruptive innovation as it revolutionized the business world, forcing companies to adapt or lose.
  4. You need to understand how a new disruptive innovation will affect an existing market before it is published.
  5. The controversial innovation that Apple introduced in the early 2000's was extraordinary and opened a huge door to creativity in the industry.
  6. The term refers to the technology that disturbs the structure, not the technology that disrupts the technology, which refers to the technology itself.

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