Definition of Disruption:

  1. Disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process.

  2. In contracts, adverse effect of a change in a contract resulting in increased cost of its performance.

Synonyms of Disruption

Disturbance, Disordering, Disarrangement, Disarranging, Interference, Upset, Upsetting, Unsettling, Confusion, Confusing, Alienation, Anarchism, Anarcho-syndicalism, Anarchy, Antinomianism, Badness, Bloodbath, Blue ruin, Breach, Breach of friendship, Break, Breakup, Carnage, Chaos, Cleavage, Cleft, Confusion, Consumption, Crack-up, Criminal syndicalism, Damnation, Decimation, Depredation, Derangement, Desolation, Despoilment, Despoliation, Destruction, Devastation, Diffusion, Disaffection, Disarrangement, Disarray, Disarticulation, Discomfiture, Discomposure, Disconcertedness, Discourtesy, Disfavor, Disharmony, Dishevelment, Disintegration, Disjunction, Disorder, Disorderliness, Disorderly conduct, Disorganization, Dispersal, Disproportion, Disruptiveness, Dissolution, Disturbance, Disunion, Disunity, Divergence, Dividedness, Division, Entropy, Estrangement, Exfoliation, Falling-out, Fragmentation, Frowned-upon behavior, Haphazardness, Havoc, Hecatomb, Holocaust, Hooliganism, Horseplay, Impropriety, Incoherence, Indiscriminateness, Inharmonious harmony, Irregularity, Lynch law, Misbehavior, Misconduct, Misdemeanor, Misdoing, Misrule, Mob law, Mob rule, Mobocracy, Most admired disorder, Naughtiness, Nihilism, Nonsanctioned behavior, Nonsymmetry, Nonuniformity, Ochlocracy, Open rupture, Perdition, Perturbation, Primal chaos, Promiscuity, Promiscuousness, Randomness, Ravage, Rebellion, Recall of ambassadors, Revolution, Rift, Roughhouse, Rowdiness, Rowdyism, Ruffianism, Ruin, Ruination, Rupture, Scaling, Scattering, Schism, Separation, Shambles, Shattering, Slaughter, Split, Spoliation, Syndicalism, Tohubohu, Turbulence, Turmoil, Undoing, Unruliness, Unsymmetry, Ununiformity, Upset, Vandalism, Venial sin, Vice, Waste, Wrack, Wrack and ruin, Wreck, Wrongdoing

How to use Disruption in a sentence?

  1. The schedule was planned to minimize disruption.

Meaning of Disruption & Disruption Definition