Definition of Disruption:

  1. An event or problem that interferes with an event, activity, or process.

  2. In contracts, the negative effects of changes to the agreement increase the cost of enforcing them.

Synonyms of Disruption

Ruin, Breakup, Dissolution, Disunity, Diffusion, Division, Slaughter, Divergence, Vice, Incoherence, Discomfiture, Entropy, Undoing, Shattering, Anarchy, Wreck, Waste, Misdemeanor, Disturbance, Fragmentation, Mobocracy, Unsettling, Anarchism, Hooliganism, Mob rule, ■■■■■ law, Ochlocracy, Nihilism, Breach, Ruination, Wrongdoing, Hecatomb, Dishevelment, Scaling, Promiscuousness, Disunion, Syndicalism, Disorderliness, Consumption, Estrangement, Anarcho-syndicalism, Rebellion, Tohubohu, Nonuniformity, Primal chaos, Despoliation, Disarrangement, Perturbation, Revolution, Discourtesy, Nonsanctioned behavior, Disaffection, Decimation, Disturbance, Disarray, Randomness, Cleavage, Schism, Disharmony, Ravage, Disconcertedness, Carnage, Badness, Recall of ambassadors, Dispersal, Upset, Ununiformity, Alienation, Damnation, Disfavor, Wrack, Exfoliation, Bloodbath, Rowdiness, Devastation, Disintegration, Interference, Destruction, Upsetting, Break, Venial sin, Rupture, Confusion, Disarrangement, Despoilment, Unruliness, Disorganization, Frowned-upon behavior, Unsymmetry, Ruffianism, Discomposure, Roughhouse, Confusion, Breach of friendship, Turbulence, Disarranging, Holocaust, Disorderly conduct, Irregularity, Antinomianism, Cleft, Naughtiness, Disruptiveness, Desolation, Haphazardness, Chaos, Crack-up, Rift, Most admired disorder, Disordering, Promiscuity, Perdition, Rowdyism, Misdoing, Disarticulation, Open rupture, Separation, Wrack and ruin, Misbehavior, Falling-out, Nonsymmetry, Derangement, Upset, Indiscriminateness, Disorder, Depredation, Blue ruin, Spoliation, Split, Havoc, Impropriety, Inharmonious harmony, Scattering, Horseplay, Criminal syndicalism, Shambles, Disjunction, Turmoil, Mob law, Vandalism, Confusing, Misconduct, Misrule, Dividedness, Disproportion

How to use Disruption in a sentence?

  1. Designed to minimize schedule constraints.

Meaning of Disruption & Disruption Definition