Definition of Dispute:

  1. Dispute, debate or debate.

  2. Victory contest.

  3. Be happy to talk about (something).

  4. Disagreement, then opposition to something. Rebecca disagrees with the bank's assessment of her home and requests a complaint from headquarters.

Synonyms of Dispute

Repellency, Tiff, Rumpus, Take exception to, Object to, Polemize, Repulsion, Confute, State a grievance, Questioning, Bickering, Recant, Treat with reserve, Oppose, Contentiousness, Fight over, Disallow, Repulse, Gainsay, War of words, Have words, Apology, Have reservations, Altercate, Renounce, Give and take, Revoke, Doubt, Front, Bicker, Enter a protest, Exchange views, Probing, Combative reaction, Vendetta, Impugn, Discuss, Socratic method, Repudiate, Words, Deny, Be uncertain, Logomachize, Counter, Cat-and-dog life, Squabbling, Complain loudly, Argumentation, Discord, Resistance, Fracas, Kick, Contest, Wrangle over, Disavow, Dissension, Kilkenny cats, Enmity, Discept, Take back, Complaint, Disagreement, Kick against, Falling-out, Quizzing, Recalcitrancy, Make a stand, Disclaim, Imbroglio, Brawl, Debate, Disputation, Wrangling, Open quarrel, Contention, Fight, Scrapping, Controversy, Fractiousness, Falling-out, Tussle, Lock horns, Disputation, Interpellation, Cry out against, Harbor suspicions, Friction, Set to, Discourse, Fuss, Verbal engagement, Forswear, Agitate, Try conclusions, Misgive, Recalcitration, Seeking, Confront, Teach in, Object, Stand at bay, Yell bloody murder, Dissentience, Stand up against, Catechizing, Face up to, Disaffirm, Plead, Difference of opinion, Warfare, Demonstrate, War, Dissent, Discussion, Face down, Reluctance, Debate, Blood feud, Counteraction, Query, Argue, Combat, Apologetics, Quibble, Contestation, Contravene, Traverse, Interrogation, Contend with, Hassle, Spar, Broil, Scruple, Noncooperation, Fliting, Rebuff, Have it out, Complain, Dissension, Cross, Hostility, Remonstrate, Conflict, Demur, Controversy, Renitence, Raise a howl, Flite, Duel, Refuse to admit, Strife, Variance, Logomachy, Moot, Meet head-on, Asking, Bringing into question, Passive resistance, Spat, Pumping, Altercation, Argufy, Be dubious, Wrangle, Boggle, Disturbance, Cavil, Be skeptical, Howl, Call in question, Refractoriness, Be diffident, Disprove, Argument, Defiance, Polemics, Conflict, Raise a question, Mistrust, Distrust, Snarl, Contend about, Quarrel, Not accept, Fighting, Picket, Apologia, Rebut, Polemic, Altercation, Withstanding, Uncooperativeness, Quarrelling, Revolt, Stand up to, Recalcitrate, Paper war, Sharp words, Strive against, Objection, Awake a doubt, Embroilment, Donnybrook, Quarrel over, Passage of arms, Strife, Retract, Smell a rat, Assert the contrary, Hurrah, Greet with skepticism, Reluct, Protest, Sit in, Suspect, Examination, Face out, Struggle, Take issue with, Obstinacy, Nullify, Defense, Show fight, Flyting, Boycott, Antagonism, Cut and thrust, Row, Be doubtful, Renitency, Controvert, Abjure, Bandy words, Withstand, Querying, Contradict, Fight against, Remonstrance, Beef, March, Discord, Inquiring, Question, Contend, Join issue, Choplogic, Join issue upon, Half believe, Squabble over, Quarreling, Casuistry, Recalcitrance, Not admit, Demonstrate against, Polemicize, Rally, Refute, Reaction, Debate, Cross swords, Contention, Slanging match, Buck, Rhubarb, Offer resistance, Canvass, Squawk, Argument, Donnybrook fair, Press objections, Negativism, Disown, Belie, Opposition, Bitch, Repellence, Set-to, Throw doubt upon, Feud, Bicker over, Disagree with, Differ, Take sides, Pettifog, Disagreement, Discussion, Quiz, Stand, Expostulate, Discuss, Miff, Thrash out, Quarrelsomeness, Squabble, Litigation, Dissent from, Challenge, Repel, Strike, Holler, Hubbub

How to use Dispute in a sentence?

  1. Regional dispute between the two countries.
  2. Controversy has erupted with a credit card company over provocative account fees, so hopefully justice will prevail.
  3. Both drivers crashed and struggled to lead.
  4. He taught and talked with local poets.
  5. Sometimes, when you can't remember a purchase, you need to discuss the charges on your credit card statement.
  6. The credit card bill from Diapers RU was a credit card bill for Lisas, because he had no children, he denied the bill with his bank.

Meaning of Dispute & Dispute Definition