Definition of Disposables:

  1. An article designed to be thrown away after use.

  2. (of an article) intended to be thrown away after use.

  3. (chiefly of financial assets) readily available for the owners use as required.

  4. Consumer products and packaging that are discarded as waste after one or a few uses, such as diapers, razor blades, milk packs.

Synonyms of Disposables

Throwaway, Expendable, One-use, Non-returnable, Replaceable, Available, Usable, Accessible, Obtainable, Spendable

How to use Disposables in a sentence?

  1. He made a mental inventory of his disposable assets.
  2. Disposable nappies.
  3. Dont buy disposables, such as cups and plates.

Meaning of Disposables & Disposables Definition