Dispatch Note

Dispatch Note,

Dispatch Note Definition:

  1. Definition of Dispatch Note: Also known as a delivery report. Documents that contain details of the goods that have been shipped or are ready to be sent to the customer.

Literal Meanings of Dispatch Note


Meanings of Dispatch:
  1. Delivery to a specific destination or destination.

  2. Deal with (work, problem or competitor) quickly and effectively.

  3. Send to someone or something else destination or purpose.

  4. Official reports on government or military affairs.

  5. Killing someone or something else.

Sentences of Dispatch
  1. Message sent back to base

  2. Send opposition

  3. A resolution to deploy peacekeepers

  4. In providing combat cards, he described the courage of the snipers

  5. Send legendary heroes from villains

Synonyms of Dispatch

message, deal with, bulletin, communiqué, destruction, killing, ship, release, discharge, sending, conclude, send, shipping, transmittal, extermination, slaughter, statement, consignment, letter, finish


Meanings of Note:
  1. Brief descriptions of written events, topics or ideas to help with memos.

  2. Informal short letter or text message.

  3. A bank note

  4. A single accent with a specific accent produced by a musical instrument or human voice.

  5. Some qualities or accents that reflect or express a mood or attitude.

  6. Pay attention or watch (something)

  7. Record (something) in writing.

Sentences of Note
  1. I will make notes in my diary

  2. I left a message telling him where he was going

  3. Ten pound note

  4. Symphony's last notes disappeared

  5. There was a note of insult in his voice

  6. Feeling your mother's extraordinary happiness

Synonyms of Note

jotting, tone, observe, take down, inflection, pencil, record, be mindful of, put down, entry, sign, jot down, take note of, set down, inscription, indication, scribble, minute, listen to, communication, inscribe, missive, bear in mind, hint, write down