Disolution Of Corporation

Disolution Of Corporation,

How To Define Disolution Of Corporation?

Abolition of corporate law.

Literal Meanings of Disolution Of Corporation


Meanings of Of:
  1. State age

  2. Indicates the relationship between two organizations, usually one of the association.

  3. Describe the relationship between an author, artist or composer and their work together.

  4. It shows the relationship between the address and the historical landmark.

  5. Express the relationship between a category or general category and specific items belonging to that category.

  6. This is followed by the use of a noun to indicate the subject of the verb on which the first noun is written.

  7. This is followed by the use of a noun which indicates the object of the verb on which the first noun is written.

  8. With an action that expresses a state of mind.

  9. Give reasons

Sentences of Of
  1. Behind the car

  2. days of the week

  3. A series of programs

  4. Very easy

  5. a lot of money

Synonyms of Of

of, done by, caused by, from, carried out by, made by, in


Meanings of Corporation:
  1. A company or group of people that has the authority to act as the sole (legal entity) and is thus legally recognized.

  2. A group of people chose to govern a city, municipality or district.

  3. Stomach

Sentences of Corporation
  1. The applicant is the company's largest lender and primarily finances its establishment.

  2. Multinational companies took control of the economy, protected by law.

  3. In 1989, he became a director of Asia Brown Bowry Limited, a multinational company.

  4. Companies usually separate legal entities from their shareholders.

  5. The applicant is a Stratford-based company.

  6. A company is a company that is different from other people who are its shareholders or affiliates.

  7. We applaud Indian companies for stepping back against multinationals.

  8. As a result of these cuts, many large companies have avoided federal income tax in recent years.

  9. This is the focus of discussions between federal prosecutors and companies.

  10. These payments are treated as the company's revenue and then as a general return to the shareholders.

  11. He was the company's chief operating officer when he resigned.

  12. This is the whole concept of selling to great corporate marketing managers.

Synonyms of Corporation

syndicate, multinational, operation, municipal authority, house, group, partnership, guild, conglomerate, town council, civic authority, business, federation, agency, trust, bureau, office, firm, institution, consortium, chain, concern, organization