Definition of Dismissal:

  1. Dismiss a trial, case or claim without further investigation or before your final decision.

  2. Termination of an employee's employment contract by the employer in an appropriate, fair and legal manner.

Synonyms of Dismissal

Unfettering, Detachment, Deposition, Despisal, Disemployment, Pardon, Disenthronement, Forgiveness, Unloosing, Deposal, Clearance, Nonacceptance, Exclusion, Unharnessing, Pink slip, Excommunication, Verdict of acquittal, Abjuration, Unleashing, Disculpation, Declining, Acquittal, Exoneration, Breakup, Adjournment, Unshackling, Displacement, Chucking, Ignoring, Release, Rebuff, Clearing, Exception, Split-up, Unfrocking, Disclamation, Remission, Pensioning off, Unyoking, Destigmatizing, Parting, Quittance, Nonconsideration, Sacking, Kicking upstairs, Abjurement, Acquittance, Repulse, Rejection, Liquidation, Refusal, The gate, Forced resignation, Overthrowal, Untying, Denial, Retirement, Spurning, Unhobbling, Unchaining, Unbridling, Passing by, The bounce, Destigmatization, Ousting, Superannuation, Declination, Exculpation, Dispersal, Turning out, Unstrapping, Drumming out, Unlashing, Disbarment, Disbandment, Despising, Unmuzzling, Purging, Unbinding, Disapproval, Compurgation, Diaspora, Purge, Purgation, Separation, Unseating, Unchurching, Unlatching, Suspension, Walking papers, Parole, Forced separation, Putting away, Cut, The sack, Absolution, Untrussing, Chucking out, Unbuckling, Removal, Ungagging, Snub, Renouncement, Deactivation, Deconsecration, Discrownment, End, Disorganization, Vindication, Putting out, Disownment, Uncaging, Ticket, Unhanding, Discounting, Contradiction, The ax, Quietus, Demobilization, Untethering, Unpenning, The boot, Overthrow, Discard, Unlocking, Layoff, Unmanacling, Deprivation, Bounce, Cancellation, Excuse, Brush-off, Dispersion, Unbolting, Recantation, Discharge, Disintegration, Repudiation, Surplusing, Cold shoulder, Notice, Defrocking, Expulsion, Cashiering, Sack, Scouting, Disbarring, Firing, Displacing, Impeachment, Conge, Furloughing, Contempt, Disregard, Dethronement, Throwing out, Nonapproval, Dissolution

How to use Dismissal in a sentence?

  1. You should always try to stay calm and avoid evidence in any case, otherwise you will be fired.
  2. His departure from the team surprised us all, as it played a very important role in our overall performance.
  3. Closing the case is a relief for our legal team, as we can close the case and move on.

Meaning of Dismissal & Dismissal Definition