Definition of Disintegration:

  1. The process of harmony or loss of power.

  2. Decide to stop making and buying some goods or supplies.

Synonyms of Disintegration

Split-up, Damnation, Grating, Dissolution, Desolation, Hecatomb, Unsymmetry, Separation, Irresolution, Diaspora, Devastation, Slightness, Release, Inharmonious harmony, Amiable weakness, Attrition, Decomposition, Revolution, Decimation, Delicacy, Wispiness, Irregularity, Shambles, Crushing, Mashing, Catastrophe, Mess, Disruption, Promiscuousness, Destructibility, Brittleness, Nonsymmetry, Comminution, Unsubstantiality, Degradation, Lightness, Deactivation, Beating, Disorder, Derangement, Wreck, Corrosion, Disjunction, Disconcertedness, Levigation, Smashing, Mildew, Disbandment, Biodegradation, Wreck, Frangibility, Failure, Disaster, Breakup, Corruption, Oxidization, Disorderliness, Bloodbath, Incoherence, Brecciation, Discomposure, Disproportion, Waste, Infirmity of will, Undoing, Indiscriminateness, Mold, Havoc, Decay, Upset, Demobilization, Fragmentation, Diffusion, Blue ruin, Trituration, Detachment, Changeableness, Oxidation, Rust, Destruction, Spoilage, Ruin, Powdering, Carnage, Flimsiness, Human frailty, Parting, Ununiformity, Collapse, Despoliation, Turbulence, Vandalism, Disarticulation, Frailty, Holocaust, Daintiness, Perdition, Detrition, Grinding, Dilapidation, Entropy, Dishevelment, Ravage, Nonuniformity, Womanishness, Scattering, Inherent vice, Most admired disorder, Indecisiveness, Wrack and ruin, Disharmony, Exfoliation, Degradability, Ruin, Crumbling, Randomness, Disintegration, Granulation, Resolution, Depredation, Granulization, Dispersal, Pounding, Breakability, Disarray, Crack-up, Wrack, Dismissal, Disturbance, Scaling, Perturbation, Velleity, Sleaziness, Haphazardness, Effeminacy, Atomization, Disorganization, Discomfiture, Slaughter, Spoliation, Shattering, Despoilment, Moral weakness, Abrasion, Consumption, Promiscuity, Biodegradability, Fiasco, Disarrangement, Shredding, Ruination, Dispersion, Fragility

How to use Disintegration in a sentence?

  1. The dual problem is economic failure and social deterioration.

Meaning of Disintegration & Disintegration Definition