Definition of Disincentives:

  1. Tending to discourage.

  2. A factor, especially a financial disadvantage, that discourages a particular action.

  3. Mechanisms such as fees, policies, procedures, rules, taxes, that intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly, discourage or prevent desirable or undesirable actions, behavior, or decisions.

Synonyms of Disincentives

Deterrent, Discouragement, Dissuasion, Damper, Brake, Curb, Check, Restraint, Inhibition

How to use Disincentives in a sentence?

  1. Spiralling house prices are beginning to act as a disincentive to development.
  2. Higher taxes have major disincentive effects on work effort.

Meaning of Disincentives & Disincentives Definition