What Does Disease Mean?

  • You can define Disease as, An abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism. It is often described as a medical condition associated with a specific sign and symptoms. This is due to external factors such as infectious diseases or internal disorders such as autoimmune diseases.

Meanings of Disease

  1. Disruption in the structure or function of a human, animal or plant, especially a disorder that causes or affects a particular place, and is not merely a direct result of bodily injury.

Sentences of Disease

  1. Bacterial meningitis is a rare disease

Synonyms of Disease

illness, blight , feebleness , breakdown , ill health, malady , illness , flu , indisposition , inflammation , fever , defect , attack , stroke , sickness, convulsions , distemper , fit , ill health , unsoundness , contagion , disorder , endemic , sickness , decrepitude , epidemic , hemorrhage , ache , seizure