Disease Loading

Disease Loading,

Disease Loading Definition:

  1. Occupational accident classification codes include additional premiums in certain sentences, which reflect the risk of certain diseases in the course of related actions and therefore an increased risk of loss.

Literal Meanings of Disease Loading


Meanings of Disease:
  1. Disruptions in the structure or function of humans, animals, or plants, especially those that cause or affect certain signs or symptoms, and are not the direct result of bodily harm.

Sentences of Disease
  1. Bacterial meningitis is a rare disease

Synonyms of Disease

sickness, illness, ill health


Meanings of Loading:
  1. The application of load or mechanical force to an object.

  2. Use the extra money to compensate for other factors.

  3. (From gun, machine or truck) loaded in a special way.

Sentences of Loading
  1. The branches of the tree are reduced in cross section, depending on the load

  2. Front loading dishwasher