Definition of Discrimination:

  1. Recognize and understand the difference between one thing and another.

  2. The difference between the two rates cannot be explained by costs such as economic considerations.

  3. Unfair or dangerous treatment of any person or thing, including race, age or gender

  4. Unfair treatment of one or more parties based on mutual agreement or for other logical or irrational reasons.

  5. Selection of signals with essential characteristics, such as frequency or amplitude, involves the use of discrimination that rejects unwanted signals.

  6. Prejudice or prejudice that leads to denial of opportunity or unfair treatment in connection with selection, promotion or transfer. Discrimination is usually based on age, disability, race, ethnicity, political beliefs, race, religion, gender, and factors that do not match a person's abilities or attitudes.

Synonyms of Discrimination

Arbitrament, Fluency, Bigotry, Individuation, Telling the difference, Eclecticism, Sense, Differencing, Ultranationalism, Choosiness, Preciseness, Finish, Arbitration, Gracefulness, Black supremacy, Dignity, One-sidedness, Individualization, Class consciousness, Percipience, Gracility, Classicism, White supremacy, Parti pris, Cultivation, Partisanship, Racialism, Variation, Acumen, Discernment, Prejudice, Apartheid, Nepotism, Partisanism, Elegancy, Appropriateness, Favoritism, Reflection, One-sidedness, Scrupulousness, Inequity, Adjudgment, Shrewdness, Precisianism, Unfairness, Tastefulness, Alteration, Selectivity, Scrupulosity, Excellence, Narrow-mindedness, Simplicity, Conscientiousness, Circumspection, Clearness, Segregation, Racism, Reflectiveness, Intolerance, Perceptiveness, Bigotry, Neatness, Undetachment, Involvement, Weighing, Meticulousness, Differentiation, Delicacy, Xenophobia, Prejudice, Adjudication, Differentiation, Red-baiting, Unfairness, Judiciousness, Polish, Interest, Favouritism, Penetration, Grace, Clarity, Chastity, Directness, Quality, Pellucidity, Flowing periods, Choice, Male chauvinist, Consideration, Unneutrality, Deeming, Ease, Niceness, Smoothness, Flow, Nicety, Perspicuity, Inclination, Civilized taste, Demarcation, Precision, Civilizedness, Personalization, Specialization, Elegance, Criticalness, Social barrier, Felicitousness, Preferential treatment, Perspicacity, Providence, Class prejudice, Cultivated taste, Division, Preference, Leaning, Comeliness, Fastidiousness, Jim Crow law, Plainness, Appreciation of excellence, Acquired taste, Terseness, Partiality, Finesse, Know-nothingism, Judgement, Picking and choosing, Class hatred, Atomization, Distinguishment, Race snobbery, Distinction, Chauvinism, Astuteness, Race prejudice, Priggishness, Anti-Semitism, Limpidity, Policy, Superpatriotism, Partisanship, Perfectionism, Good taste, Discriminatingness, Undispassionateness, Bias, Minority prejudice, Punctilio, Puritanism, Color bar, Judicature, Sophistication, Strictness, Inequity, Culture, Racial discrimination, Social discrimination, Aestheticism, Choiceness, Discriminativeness, Cool judgment, Sexism, Color line, Anatomization, Fascism, Prudishness, Thoughtfulness, Black power, Discreetness, Chasteness, Selectiveness, Inequality, Graciousness, Keenness, Diversification, Classicalism, White power, Distinction, Wit, Polity, Felicity, Fittingness, Punctiliousness, Good judgment, Restraint, Judging, Soundness of judgment, Unaffectedness, Analysis, Particularization, Severalization, Intolerance, Sensitivity, Circumspectness, Disjunction, Bias, Class war, Daintiness, Graciosity, Propriety, Prudentialism, Change, Jim Crow, Perception, Particularity, Atticism, Lucidity, Race hatred, Straightforwardness, Censoriousness, Severance, Refinement, Modification, Discretion, Naturalness, Seemliness, Judgment, Desynonymization, Connoisseurship, Insight, Purity, Correctness, Sound judgment, Particularness, Sex discrimination, Class distinction, Disequalization, Subtlety, Prudence, Purism, Taste, Separation

How to use Discrimination in a sentence?

  1. In Ferguson, Missouri, the black community is discriminated against by white police officers and the use of their power.
  2. As an albino, Ken enjoys many opportunities and discrimination from non-albino residents in his hometown.
  3. The advantages of this technique over low signal strength and low light energy are better than traditional single photon fluorescence.
  4. The company was successfully sued for discrimination after less educated youth replaced better educated older women.
  5. Victims of racial discrimination.
  6. The difference between good and bad.

Meaning of Discrimination & Discrimination Definition