Discretionary Authority

Discretionary Authority,

Discretionary Authority:

  1. The power of discretion is only the power to interpret claims. It is provided to the insurer with a provision of the insurance contract.

Literal Meanings of Discretionary Authority


Meanings of Discretionary:
  1. Available at user's discretion.

Sentences of Discretionary
  1. The discretionary bonus increased at the end of the year.

Synonyms of Discretionary

unrestricted, voluntary, non-compulsory, open, optional, at one's discretion, non-mandatory, permissive, up to the individual, open to choice, discretional, elective


Meanings of Authority:
  1. The authority or right to command, make decisions and enforce obedience.

  2. A person or organization with political or administrative power and control.

  3. The power to influence others, especially because of your arrogant behavior or your knowledge of something.

Sentences of Authority
  1. He has complete control over his subordinates.

  2. Health officials have issued a global warning.

  3. Someone has a natural tendency to believe.

Synonyms of Authority

influence, the government, the people in charge, control, dominion, leverage, drag, sovereignty, hold, status, command, mastery, ascendancy, acceptance, kudos, rule, station, confidence, the administration, eminence, power, dominance