Definition of Discretion:

  1. Behavior or manner of speaking so that personal information is not offended or disclosed.

  2. Freedom to choose what to do in certain situations.

  3. Law: The right of companies or public managers (e.g. judges) to act in accordance with their judgment or conscience, in certain circumstances, but within certain limits and in accordance with general guidelines.

  4. General: Jurisdiction or power, but there is no restriction on exercising rights or doing or not doing anything.

Synonyms of Discretion

Judgement, Disposition, Soundness of judgment, The dark, Noncontingent free will, Hedging, Alternate choice, Anticipation, Secrecy, Chariness, Prevision, Impassiveness, Looking ahead, Aloofness, Wisdom, Caution, Hugger-mugger, Safeness, Regardfulness, Diplomacy, Coolness, Thoughtfulness, Foresight, Liking, Secretness, Objective, Fancy, Hiddenness, Forehandedness, Deliberateness, Cool judgment, Disposition, Weighing, Impersonality, Careful consideration, Wariness, Sagacity, Judiciousness, Coldness, Judgment, Volition, Choice, Prior consultation, Foreglimpse, Free will, Animus, Unexpansiveness, Heed, Withdrawnness, Circumspection, Reticence, Free decision, Carefulness, Subduedness, Will, Appetence, Standoffishness, Frostiness, Policy, Cautiousness, Consideration, Uncongeniality, Concealment, Will and pleasure, Guardedness, Choice, Gumption, Deliberation, Sense, Prudentialness, Hedge, Forecast, Alternative, Lust, Sound judgment, Full consent, Solicitude, Subterfuge, Heedfulness, Common sense, Option, Backwardness, Crypticness, Decision, Possible choice, Intention, Preview, Gingerliness, Withdrawal, Prospect, Close secrecy, Determination, Good sense, Reticency, Envisionment, Free choice, Appetite, Providence, Preparation, Secretiveness, Discrimination, Unapproachability, Readiness, Moderation, Uncommunicativeness, Conatus, Envisagement, Chilliness, Resolution, Carefulness, Distance, Option, Contemplation, Foresightedness, Prediction, Canniness, Discernment, Good judgment, Retirement, Pleasure, Restraint, Inclination, Judgement, Impassivity, Prospection, Sexual desire, Mind, Expressionlessness, Foreseeing, Wish, Volition, Care, Pawkiness, Reflectiveness, Inaccessibility, Detachment, Discreetness, Closeness, Command, Remoteness, Caution, Preference, Constraint, Forethought, Tentativeness, Deliberate stages, Unaffability, Mindfulness, Repression, Foregleam, Frigidity, Circumspectness, Blankness, Reflection, Farsightedness, Preference, Introversion, Precaution, Bashfulness, Farseeingness, Say, Thoroughness, Foreglance, Polity, Suppression, Hesitation, Circumspection, Slowness to act, Calculation, Optionality, Velleity, Say-so, Prudence, Hugger-muggery, Provision, Will power, Reservedness, Conation, Passion, Airtight secrecy, Prepublication, Safety first, Reserve, Tact, Longsightedness, Guardedness, Undemonstrativeness, Modesty, Iciness, Appetency, Evasion, Prudentialism, Unprecipitateness, Care, Desire, Evasiveness

How to use Discretion in a sentence?

  1. He knew he could count on his wisdom.
  2. Because this movie is so cruel, you decide if you want to watch it.
  3. While reviewing his expense reports, the employer asked his employees attending the meeting to verify claims that did not seem appropriate in their own discretion.
  4. It is up to the local authorities to set prices according to their own standards.
  5. When you watch TV shows, there is a lot of graphic content. Whether viewers can be cautious while watching the program.

Meaning of Discretion & Discretion Definition


How Do You Define Discretion?

  1. The judge's authority or prescription and the right to act according to his own conscience which is not controlled by the judgment or conscience of others.

Meanings of Discretion

  1. The quality of behavior or speech so that personal information is not offended or disclosed.

  2. Freedom to choose what to do in certain situations.

Sentences of Discretion

  1. I know I can count on your wisdom

  2. It is up to local governments to set tariffs at their own discretion.