Definition of Discretion:

  1. The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.

  2. The freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation.

  3. Law: Right of a corporate or public officer (such as a judge) to act according to his or her judgment or conscience in certain circumstances but within given limits and under the guidance of customary principles.

  4. General: Latitude or power, but not an obligation, to exercise a right or to do or not do something.

Synonyms of Discretion

Airtight secrecy, Aloofness, Alternate choice, Alternative, Animus, Anticipation, Appetence, Appetency, Appetite, Backwardness, Bashfulness, Blankness, Calculation, Canniness, Care, Careful consideration, Carefulness, Caution, Cautiousness, Chilliness, Choice, Circumspection, Circumspectness, Close secrecy, Closeness, Coldness, Command, Common sense, Conation, Conatus, Concealment, Consideration, Constraint, Contemplation, Cool judgment, Coolness, Crypticness, Decision, Deliberate stages, Deliberateness, Deliberation, Desire, Detachment, Determination, Diplomacy, Discernment, Discreetness, Discrimination, Disposition, Distance, Envisagement, Envisionment, Evasion, Evasiveness, Expressionlessness, Fancy, Farseeingness, Farsightedness, Forecast, Foreglance, Foregleam, Foreglimpse, Forehandedness, Foreseeing, Foresight, Foresightedness, Forethought, Free choice, Free decision, Free will, Frigidity, Frostiness, Full consent, Gingerliness, Good judgment, Good sense, Guardedness, Gumption, Hedge, Hedging, Heed, Heedfulness, Hesitation, Hiddenness, Hugger-mugger, Hugger-muggery, Iciness, Impassiveness, Impassivity, Impersonality, Inaccessibility, Inclination, Intention, Introversion, Judgement, Judgment, Judiciousness, Liking, Longsightedness, Looking ahead, Lust, Mind, Mindfulness, Moderation, Modesty, Noncontingent free will, Objective, Option, Optionality, Passion, Pawkiness, Pleasure, Policy, Polity, Possible choice, Precaution, Prediction, Preference, Preparation, Prepublication, Preview, Prevision, Prior consultation, Prospect, Prospection, Providence, Provision, Prudence, Prudentialism, Prudentialness, Readiness, Reflection, Reflectiveness, Regardfulness, Remoteness, Repression, Reserve, Reservedness, Resolution, Restraint, Reticence, Reticency, Retirement, Safeness, Safety first, Sagacity, Say, Say-so, Secrecy, Secretiveness, Secretness, Sense, Sexual desire, Slowness to act, Solicitude, Sound judgment, Soundness of judgment, Standoffishness, Subduedness, Subterfuge, Suppression, Tact, Tentativeness, The dark, Thoroughness, Thoughtfulness, Unaffability, Unapproachability, Uncommunicativeness, Uncongeniality, Undemonstrativeness, Unexpansiveness, Unprecipitateness, Velleity, Volition, Weighing, Will, Will and pleasure, Will power, Wisdom, Wish, Withdrawal, Withdrawnness, Choice, Option, Judgement, Preference, Disposition, Volition, Circumspection, Care, Carefulness, Caution, Wariness, Chariness, Guardedness

How to use Discretion in a sentence?

  1. She knew she could rely on his discretion.
  2. Because this movie is very violent, it is up to your own discretion if you would like to watch it.
  3. The boss told her employees who attended the meeting to use their discretion when evaluating expense requests and to reject any requests that did not seem reasonable.
  4. It is up to local authorities to use their discretion in setting the charges.
  5. When watching some television shows, there is some very graphic content. Viewers need to show some discretion s whether to watch the program or not.

Meaning of Discretion & Discretion Definition