Discreet Affair Means

Discreet Affair Means

What is a secret relationship? 3


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That means you don't want other people to know you're being watched. He may have another girlfriend or you may not feel comfortable seeing him in public. You may ask him what he meant by that. . .

A secret relationship means you can enjoy all the benefits of a real relationship without knowing your partner ... this is the code for anyone to use !!

It's a secret. You don't want the whole world to know about it. There are many reasons to hide a relationship. Again, this is usually not a good reason.

Where did I come from? Is this a secret relationship or is it someone's affair or they don't want anyone to know they are with you

If you have a question, Google it, the results are awful.

Single relationship means: People don't want everyone to know that their relationship is with you. We don't have to talk to anyone about ourselves.

hehehe means you are in a relationship or just want to be called.

That means go ahead and find someone who respects you more.

Discreet Affair Means