Discovery period

Discovery period,

Definition of Discovery period:

  1. A grace period given to an insured who has cancelled a bond, during which he or she can still discover and report losses that occurred during the bonds term. Losses reported in this fashion are paid by the original surety. The grace period is usually one year.

Meaning of Discovery period & Discovery period Definition

Discovery Period,

What is The Definition of Discovery Period?

The follow-up time allows insurers to identify and report losses during the policy or warranty period.

Discovery Period refers to The term of insurance is the period after the expiration of the insurance policy in which the insured can identify the loss as long as the policy is valid and claims.

Meaning of Discovery Period: The term given to the insurers after the cancellation of the policy for reporting claims during the coverage period of the contract and if the contract continues, it will be recovered.

When a liability expires, losses can occur indefinitely. Upon expiration or expiration, the insured may be given a period of time to determine the loss, subject to the terms of the guarantee. The time provided is called the detection period. See also Bond above.

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Meanings of Discovery:
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