Discounts For Lack Of Marketability (DLOM)

Discounts For Lack Of Marketability (DLOM),

What is The Meaning of Discounts For Lack Of Marketability (DLOM)?

  1. The lack of a marketing discount (DLOM) is a method used to calculate the value of closed and limited shares. The theory behind DLOM is that there is a discount in value between publicly traded shares and therefore the market, and the private equity market, which usually has little or no market. ۔

Literal Meanings of Discounts For Lack Of Marketability (DLOM)


Meanings of Discounts:
  1. Deduction from general expenses of something.

  2. Decrease the (normal value of an item)

  3. Think inappropriate (possibility or reality) due to lack of credibility.

Sentences of Discounts
  1. Train tourists benefit from low membership

  2. There may be a price for a product that cannot be easily reduced

  3. I heard the rumors, but I put them aside

Synonyms of Discounts

deduct, take no account of, concessionary price, lower price, take no notice of, rebate, take off, brush off, pay no attention to, ignore, markdown, pass over, cut, overlook, reduction, dismiss, deduction, gloss over, concession, price cut


Meanings of For:
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  7. Representation (dhikr)

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  10. Indication period (duration)

  11. Extension signal (distance)

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  1. Voted in the independence referendum

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right behind, aim, on the side of, approving of, in honour of, encouraging of, cause, motive, in view of the fact that, objective, on account of the fact that, considering that, the same as, for, because, sympathetic to, seeing as, as a tribute to, since, reason, owing to the fact that, purpose, end, goal, giving backing to


Meanings of Lack:
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Sentences of Lack
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Meanings of Of:
  1. Shows the association between two entities, usually an association.

  2. Explain the relationship between a category or general category and specific items belonging to that category.

Synonyms of Of

of, made by, from, in, caused by, done by, carried out by, by


Meanings of Marketability:
  1. Ability to sell or trade an item.

Sentences of Marketability
  1. A garden increases the market value of your property