Definition of Discount:

  1. Deduct an amount from (the usual price of something).

  2. A deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers.

  3. Deduction from the par value of a financial instrument, made in advance of its sale. Opposite of premium.

  4. Deduction from the face amount of an invoice, made in advance of its payment. See also rebate.

  5. Regard (a possibility, fact, or person) as being unworthy of consideration because it lacks credibility.

  6. (of a store or business) offering goods for sale at discounted prices.

Synonyms of Discount

Deduct, Take off, Rebate, Disregard, Pay no attention to, Take no notice of, Take no account of, Pass over, Overlook, Dismiss, Ignore, Brush off, Gloss over, Reduction, Deduction, Markdown, Price cut, Cut, Lower price, Cut price, Concession, Concessionary price, Abate, Abatement, Abjure, Abuse, Admit, Admit exceptions, Allow, Allow for, Allowance, Bate, Belittle, Blink at, Borrow, Brush aside, Brush off, Charge off, Chuck, Chuck out, Concede, Consider, Consider the circumstances, Consider the source, Contemn, Contradict, Cut, Decline, Deduct, Deduction, Deny, Depreciate, Derogate, Despise, Detract from, Diminish, Disapprove, Discard, Disclaim, Discount notes, Disdain, Dismiss, Disown, Disparage, Dispraise, Disregard, Draw back, Except, Exclude, Fail, Forget, Forswear, Gloss over, Grant, Ignore, Kick back, Knock off, Lend, Lessen, Lift temporarily, Lower, Make allowance, Make allowance for, Mark down, Minimize, Omit, Overlook, Overpass, Pass by, Pass over, Pass up, Provide for, Push aside, Rebate, Rebuff, Recant, Reduce, Reduction, Refund, Refuse, Refuse to consider, Reject, Relax, Relax the condition, Renounce, Repel, Repudiate, Repulse, Scout, Set aside, Shave, Shove away, Slight, Spurn, Subtract, Subtraction, Take, Take a premium, Take account of, Take away, Take into account, Take into consideration, Take off, Take out, Throw away, Throw out, Turn away, Turn out, Waive, Write off

How to use Discount in a sentence?

  1. A discount drugstore chain.
  2. Many stores will offer a discount on bulk purchases.
  3. We were able to get a discount on purchasing the new widgets. This made our chief executive officer very happy.
  4. Current users qualify for a discounted price.
  5. If you have a surplus of your product and need to get it off the shelves you may have to start offering a discount ,.
  6. Id heard rumors, but discounted them.
  7. The place was offering a discount on dried goods, so I decided to go there and see for myself what they had.

Meaning of Discount & Discount Definition