Discount broker

Discount broker,

Definition of Discount broker:

  1. Stockbroker who executes buy and sell orders at a rate of commission lower than those charged by full-service brokers. He or she usually offers little or no investment advice or other investment related services.

  2. A stockbroker or brokerage firm that charges a reduced commission on transactions but typically does not provide investment advice or other services.

How to use Discount broker in a sentence?

  1. Whether you decide to deal with a full-service or discount broker, there are many options out there.

Meaning of Discount broker & Discount broker Definition

Discount Broker,

Discount Broker:

  • A simple definition of Discount Broker is: A discount broker is one who buys and sells orders at a low commission rate. However, unlike full service brokers, discount brokers do not offer investment advice or customer reviews. Before the advent of better communication technology, only the rich could afford a broker and access the stock market. However, the Internet has now begun to explode discount brokers, allowing low-income people to trade at lower rates. On the stock exchange side, most discount brokers work through online platforms. As a result, discount brokers are almost identical to online brokers.

    • Discount brokers execute orders on behalf of their clients, but generally do not offer advice or analysis.
    • Online discount brokers are especially useful for retail investors looking for exposure in the stock market for a small portfolio.
    • When using a discount broker, you need to make sure that its approach is right for you or that no one else will reconsider your decision on your behalf.

Literal Meanings of Discount Broker


Meanings of Discount:
  1. Deduction from the general cost of an item usually paid on time or in advance or for a specific category of buyers.

  2. Decrease the (normal value of an item)

  3. Lack of credibility makes you feel insufficient (possibility, reality or person).

  4. Offer a product at a discount (in a store or company).

Sentences of Discount
  1. Many stores offer discounts on bulk purchases

  2. Existing users are entitled to a lower price

  3. I heard the rumors, but I put them aside

  4. Discount Pharmacy China

Synonyms of Discount

concession, take no account of, take no notice of, pay no attention to, overlook, pass over, price cut, disregard, brush off, reduction, deduct, dismiss, lower price, ignore, concessionary price, cut price, cut, gloss over, rebate, deduction, markdown, take off


Meanings of Broker:
  1. Individuals who buy and sell goods or assets to third parties.

  2. Organization or Negotiation (Agreement, Contract or Plan)

Sentences of Broker
  1. Central lenders operate through brokers.

  2. Despite efforts to negotiate the war, the struggle continued

Synonyms of Broker

thrash out, bring off, hammer out, contract, orchestrate, settle, dealer, broker-dealer, negotiator, trafficker, work out, agent, arrange, bring about, clinch, organize, pull off