Definition of Disclose/Disclosure:

  1. When insuring your business, you must disclose all relevant facts that may affect the policy, such as claims or endorsements. Commercial insurers must notify you of policy changes, such as general rules and regulations.

Literal Meanings of Disclose/Disclosure


Meanings of Disclose:
  1. Publish (confidential or new information)

Sentences of Disclose
  1. He revealed his name to the press

Synonyms of Disclose

divulge, vouchsafe, pass on, make known, tell, unfold, impart, reveal, communicate


Meanings of Disclosure:
  1. Posting new or confidential information.

Sentences of Disclosure
  1. A judge orders the extradition of official documents

Synonyms of Disclosure

divulgence, report, declaration, revelation, news, announcement, surprising fact