Definition of Discharge:

  1. Release of a convict without pronouncement of a sentence. If the release is without condition (such as upon payment of monetary compensation to the victim) it is an absolute discharge. If the release is accompanied by certain restrictions (such as keeping peace for a stated period) it is a conditional discharge.

  2. Dismissal of an employee caused by absenteeism, inefficiency, insubordination, or other such individual act of indiscipline or incompetence.

  3. Formal statement of relinquishment that releases an entity from debt, liability, or obligation. For example, an order of discharge frees a bankrupt from outstanding debts at the end of bankruptcy proceedings.

Synonyms of Discharge

AC arc, Poulsen arc, Abide by, Abrogate, Absolution, Absolve, Accomplish, Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Accordance, Achieve, Achievement, Acknowledgment, Acquit, Acquitment, Acquittal, Acquittance, Adhere to, Adherence, Administer, Administration, Amnesty, Amortization, Amortize, Amortizement, Aperiodic discharge, Arc, Arc column, Arc discharge, Attain, Attainment, Ax, Backfire, Bang, Bark, Belch, Binder, Blast, Bleed, Blow open, Blow out, Blow up, Blowout, Blowup, Boom, Boot, Boot out, Booting out, Bounce, Bowshot, Break, Break bulk, Break out, Break up, Brush discharge, Bullet, Bump, Burst, Burst forth, Burst out, Bust, Can, Canceled check, Cannon, Care, Carry into execution, Carry out, Carry through, Carrying out, Cash, Cash payment, Cashier, Cashiering, Cast, Cast forth, Cast loose, Cast out, Catharsis, Charge, Charter, Chuck out, Chyle, Cleanse, Cleansing, Clear, Clear off, Clearance, Clearing, Cock, Colostrum, Commission, Compass, Complete, Completion, Compliance, Compurgation, Conduct, Conformance, Conformity, Conge, Consummate, Consummation, Cope with, Crack, Deactivate, Deal with, Debouch, Debrief, Debt service, Decant, Decontaminate, Defenestrate, Defenestration, Defluxion, Defrayal, Defrayment, Defrock, Degrade, Dejecta, Dejection, Dejecture, Deliver, Deliverance, Demob, Demobilization, Demobilize, Demote, Deplume, Deposal, Depose, Deposit, Deprive, Destigmatization, Destigmatize, Destigmatizing, Detach, Detonate, Detonation, Detrude, Detrusion, Diplomatic immunity, Disband, Disbar, Disburden, Disburdening, Disbursal, Discard, Disculpation, Disembogue, Disemploy, Disemployment, Disgorge, Disgorgement, Disintegrate, Dismiss, Dismissal, Disorganize, Dispatch, Dispense, Dispense from, Dispense with, Disperse, Displace, Displacing, Displume, Dispose of, Disruptive discharge, Dissolve, Do, Do the job, Do the trick, Doling out, Down payment, Drain, Drainage, Drop, Drum out, Drumming out, Dump, Earnest, Earnest money, Effect, Effectuate, Effectuation, Effluence, Effluent, Efflux, Effluxion, Effuse, Effusion, Egest, Egesta, Egestion, Ejaculate, Ejaculation, Eject, Ejecta, Ejectamenta, Ejection, Ejectment, Electric discharge, Electric shock, Electric spark, Electrodeless discharge, Eliminate, Elimination, Emanation, Emancipate, Emergence, Emersion, Emission, Emit, Emotional release, Empty, Emptying, Enact, Enactment, Enforce, Enforcement, Eruct, Eructation, Erupt, Eruption, Except, Exception, Exclude, Excrement, Excreta, Excrete, Excretes, Excreting, Excretion, Exculpate, Exculpation, Excuse, Execute, Execution, Exempt, Exempt from, Exemption, Exfiltrate, Exhalation, Exhaust, Exonerate, Exoneration, Expel, Explode, Explosion, Expulsion, Extravasate, Extravasation, Extrude, Extrusion, Exudate, Exudation, Exude, Fait accompli, Fell, Fetch, Fill out, Filter, Filtrate, Fire, Fire off, Firing, Flare, Flash, Flow, Flowoff, Flux, Forced separation, Forgive, Forgiveness, Franchise, Free, Free from, Freeing, Fruition, Fulfill, Fulfillment, Fulguration, Fulminate, Fulmination, Furlough, Furloughing, Fusillade, Galvanic shock, Give absolution, Give dispensation from, Give notice, Give off, Give release, Give respite, Give the ax, Give the gate, Give the hook, Gleet, Glow discharge, Go bail for, Go off, Go separate ways, Grant amnesty to, Grant bail to, Grant immunity, Grant remission, Gun, Gun for, Gunfire, Gunshot, Gush, Handle, Handling, Heave out, Heed, Heeding, Hire purchase, Hire purchase plan, Hit, Honor, Humor, Hurl forth, Ichor, Immunity, Implement, Implementation, Inactivate, Installment, Installment plan, Interest payment, Intermission, Intermit, Issuance, Issue, Jet, Jettison, Junk, Justify, Keeping, Kick, Kick downstairs, Kick out, Kick upstairs, Kicking downstairs, Knock off, Lachryma, Lactation, Lay off, Layoff, Leach, Leak, Legislative immunity, Let fly, Let go, Let go free, Let loose, Let off, Let out, Leukorrhea, Liberate, Liberty, License, Lift, Liquidate, Liquidation, Lixiviate, Load, Loose, Loosen, Lymph, Make, Make accounts square, Make out, Make redundant, Manage, Management, Manumit, Matter, Meet, Milk, Mission accomplished, Monthly payments, Mucor, Mucus, Muster out, Never-never, Nonpros, Notice, Observance, Observation, Observe, Obtrude, Obtrusion, Off-load, Offload, Offloading, Ooze, Oozing, Oscillatory discharge, Oust, Ouster, Ousting, Outburst, Outfall, Outflow, Outflowing, Outpour, Outpouring, Pardon, Parole, Part, Part company, Pass, Patent, Pay, Pay in full, Pay off, Pay the bill, Pay the shot, Pay up, Paying, Paying off, Paying out, Paying up, Payment, Payment in kind, Payoff, Peccant humor, Pelt, Pension off, Pepper, Percolate, Perform, Performance, Permission, Perpetration, Phlegm, Pick off, Pink slip, Pistol, Plug, Polish off, Pop, Pot, Potshoot, Potshot, Pour, Pour forth, Pour out, Practice, Prepayment, Prime, Privilege, Produce, Production, Promulgate, Prosecute, Prosecution, Purgation, Purge, Purge away, Purging, Purulence, Pus, Put away, Put in force, Put on parole, Put out, Put through, Quarterly payments, Quash, Quash the charge, Quietus, Quit, Quittance, Read out of, Realization, Realize, Receipt, Receipt in full, Redeem, Reek, Regular payments, Reject, Rejection, Release, Relieve, Remise, Remission, Remit, Remittance, Removal, Remove, Render, Replace, Report, Reprieve, Respect, Respite, Retire, Retirement, Rheum, Riddle, Runoff, Sack, Saliva, Salvo, Sanies, Satisfaction, Satisfy, Save the necessity, Scatter, Secrete, Secretion, Seep, Seepage, Send away, Send forth, Send out, Separate, Separate forcibly, Serous fluid, Serum, Set free, Set off, Settle, Settlement, Shock, Shoot, Shoot at, Shoot down, Shooting, Shot, Shrive, Silent discharge, Sinking-fund payment, Snipe, Snot, Spare, Spark, Spark gap, Spew, Split up, Spot cash, Spout, Spray, Spurt, Square, Square accounts, Square up, Squirt, Stoneshot, Strain, Strike, Strike a balance, Strip, Succeed, Success, Superannuate, Supersede, Supplant, Suppuration, Surcease, Surfacing, Surplus, Surplusing, Suspend, Suspension, Sweat, Take a potshot, Take care of, Take up, Tattoo, Tear, Teardrop, Terminate, The ax, The boot, The bounce, The gate, The sack, The whites, Throw away, Throw out, Throw overboard, Throwing out, Thrust out, Ticket, Torpedo, Toss out, Touch off, Transact, Transaction, Transpire, Transudate, Transudation, Transude, Turn off, Turn out, Turn the trick, Unbind, Unbinding, Unbolting, Unbridling, Unbuckling, Unburden, Uncaging, Unchain, Unchaining, Unfettering, Unfrock, Ungagging, Unhand, Unhanding, Unharnessing, Unhobbling, Unlade, Unlashing, Unlatching, Unleashing, Unload, Unloading, Unlocking, Unloosing, Unmanacling, Unmuzzling, Unpack, Unpenning, Unshackle, Unshackling, Unship, Unstrapping, Untethering, Untrussing, Untying, Unyoking, Urine, Vacate, Vent, Verdict of acquittal, Vindicate, Vindication, Void, Voiding, Volley, Vomit, Voucher, Walking papers, Waste, Waste matter, Weekly payments, Weep, Whitewash, Withdraw the charge, Work, Work out

How to use Discharge in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes people enter a bankruptcy and if they are genuine in attempting to start fresh the courts can issue them a discharge .
  2. People in the military have to be very careful about their behavior or they can get a dishonorable discharge which will effect their future working potential.
  3. If you are in the army and do something wrong you can get a dishonorable discharge that will stay on your record for a long time.

Meaning of Discharge & Discharge Definition