Definition of Disc:

  1. A flat, thin circular object.

  2. Type of storage device that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and allows users to transfer data from digital devices onto the disc for storage purposes. CD-ROMs and Floppies are a couple examples of discs. Discs have started to be phased out as users have started using flash drives, external hard drives and other digital devices to meet their data storage needs.

  3. An object or part resembling a disc in shape or appearance.

Synonyms of Disc

Bulletin board, Card, Cartridge, Cassette, Catalog card, Electrical transcription, File, Filing card, Film, Index card, Library catalog, Magnetic tape, Microcard, Microdot, Microfiche, Microfilm, Motion-picture film, Phonograph record, Platter, Record, Recording, Scoreboard, Scorecard, Scoresheet, Slip, Tape, Tape cartridge, Tape cassette, Tape recording, Ticker tape, Transcription, Videotape, Wax, Wire recording, Circle, Round, Saucer, Discus, Ring, Ring, Round, Band, Hoop, Circlet

How to use Disc in a sentence?

  1. The smudged yellow disc of the moon.
  2. Coins were made by striking a blank disc of metal.

Meaning of Disc & Disc Definition