Disability Insured

Disability Insured,

How Do You Define Disability Insured?

The status of an insured person with disability benefits (old age insurance, survival and disability) in the OASDI program. The insured must be fully insured and have at least twenty-fourth coverage in the last quarter in which the disability occurred. Less conditions are required for children under 30.

Literal Meanings of Disability Insured


Meanings of Disability:
  1. A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Sentences of Disability
  1. Pay for improved equipment and vacations to improve the lives of children with physical and mental disabilities in the York area.

Synonyms of Disability

disorder, condition, dysfunction, affliction, ailment, complaint, illness, malady, disease


Meanings of Insured:
  1. Covered by insurance.

  2. Insured person or organization.

Sentences of Insured
  1. Insured car

  2. Benefit from the death of the insured