Disability Benefit

Disability Benefit,

Definition of Disability Benefit:

  1. You can define Disability Benefit as, The amount to be paid under the disability policy or under the indicated insurance policy.

  2. (1) Regular payments, usually monthly, are made to participants in a specific pension plan when those participants are eligible for full and permanent disability benefits and disability before their normal retirement. (2) Some life insurance policies include a feature that provides premium discounts and, in some cases, the payment of monthly income if the insured is completely and permanently disabled.

  3. Disability Benefit definition is: An additional feature for some life insurance policies is that it offers a premium discount and, in some cases, a monthly income payment if the insured is completely and permanently disabled.

Literal Meanings of Disability Benefit


Meanings of Disability:
  1. A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Sentences of Disability
  1. Pay for equipment and vacations to improve the lives of physically and mentally handicapped children in the York area.

Synonyms of Disability

condition, disorder, affliction, complaint, ailment, dysfunction, malady, disease, illness


Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Payments or gifts from owners, states or insurance companies.

  2. Public performances or other entertainment whose product is a special charity work.

  3. Achieve success.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Enjoy the benefits of being a member

  2. The social season begins with dancing for shifts and charity shows

Synonyms of Benefit

good, ease, well-being, public assistance allowance, reap benefits, reap financial reward, benefit payments, unemployment benefit, sick pay, interest, insurance money, comfort, advantage, enjoyment, sake, welfare, profit, social security, social security payments, make money, state benefit, convenience