Dirty Money

Dirty Money,

Dirty Money means,

  • Definition of Dirty Money: Money from illegal activities that need to be laundered to appear legitimate.

Literal Meanings of Dirty Money


Meanings of Dirty:
  1. Used for emphasis.

  2. Chaos.

  3. Cover or mark with an unclean substance.

Sentences of Dirty
  1. Dirty cups and dish trays

Synonyms of Dirty

spotted, sooty, smudged, greasy, stain, blacken, smeared, spoil, muddy, mess up, stained, dusty, unwashed, soiled, cloudy, smeary, make dirty, soil, grubby, mucky


Meanings of Money:
  1. A common medium of exchange in the form of coins and notes.

Synonyms of Money

cash, ready money, hard cash