Definition of Directory:

  1. A book listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.

  2. The revolutionary government in France 1795–99, comprising two councils and a five-member executive. It maintained an aggressive foreign policy but could not control events at home and was overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte.

  3. Filing cabinet of a data-storage device (disk, CD, DVD) in which data (as files) is grouped and listed in a step-like (hierarchical) manner for allowing direct user access to any file. A directory is like a small database from which information is read much more often than it is written to. The beginning or top most directory is called the root directory which can, and often does, have lower level directories called sub-directories which too can have their own sub-directories, and so on down to number of levels allowed by the operating system (OS). In all graphical user interface (GUI) based OSs (Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Windows), directories have meaningful names and are shown as folders which can contain other nested folders (sub-directories). However, directories are logical and not physical subdivisions of a data storage media and any file in any directory may expand to fill all of the available storage space.

  4. A book of directions for the conduct of Christian worship, especially in Presbyterian and Roman Catholic Churches.

Synonyms of Directory

Index, List, Listing, Register, Catalogue, Record, Archive, Inventory, Almanach de Gotha, Baedeker, British Cabinet, Red Book, Royal Kalendar, Sanhedrin, Social Register, US Cabinet, Yellow Pages, Account, Acquaintance, Advisory body, Announcement, Assembly, Association, Atlas, Bench, Bibliography, Blue book, Board, Board of directors, Board of regents, Board of trustees, Body of advisers, Borough council, Brain trust, Briefing, Bulletin, Business directory, Cabinet, Cadre, Calendar, Camarilla, Casebook, Catalog, Catalogue raisonne, Chamber, Checklist, City council, City directory, Classified catalog, Classified directory, Common council, Communication, Communique, Concordance, Conference, Congress, Consultative assembly, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, County council, Court, Cyclopedia, Data, Datum, Deliberative assembly, Diatesseron, Dictionary catalog, Diet, Directorate, Dispatch, Divan, Encyclopedia, Enlightenment, Evidence, Executive arm, Executive committee, Executive hierarchy, Facts, Factual information, Familiarization, Finding list, Gazetteer, Gen, Genealogy, General information, Governing board, Governing body, Guidebook, Handbook, Handlist, Handout, Hard information, Harmony, Incidental information, Index, Info, Information, Infrastructure, Instruction, Intelligence, Interlocking directorate, Itinerary, Junta, Kitchen cabinet, Knowledge, Legislature, Light, Management, Mention, Message, Notice, Notification, Parish council, Pedigree, Phone book, Polyglot, Presentation, Privy council, Promotional material, Proof, Publication, Publicity, Record book, Reference book, Release, Report, Road map, Roadbook, Sidelight, Source book, Soviet, Staff, Statement, Steering committee, Studbook, Syndicate, Synod, Telephone book, Telephone directory, The administration, The brass, The dope, The executive, The goods, The know, The people upstairs, The scoop, Top brass, Transmission, Tribunal, White book, White paper, Word, Work of reference

How to use Directory in a sentence?

  1. I go down to the MHS library and begin looking at the 1912 city directories, alphabetical listings of people, their addresses, and occupations.

Meaning of Directory & Directory Definition