Definition of Director:

  1. A person who is in charge of an activity, department, or organization.

  2. Person who leads, manages, or supervises an organization, program, or project. See also company director.

Synonyms of Director

Leader, Chief, Boss, Controller, Master, Supervisor, Governor, Superintendent, Foreman, Forewoman, Headman, Kapellmeister, MC, Administrator, Auteur, Ballyhoo man, Band leader, Band major, Bandmaster, Banker, Barker, Baron, Big boss, Big businessman, Big cheese, Boss, Business leader, Businessman, Callboy, Captain, Captain of industry, Castellan, Chairman, Chatelain, Chatelaine, Chief, Cicerone, Commandant, Commander, Conductor, Costume designer, Costumer, Costumier, Drum major, Emcee, Enterpriser, Entrepreneur, Equestrian director, Executive, Exhibitor, Financier, Foreman, Gaffer, Governor, Guide, Head, Headman, Helmsman, Impresario, Industrialist, Intendant, King, Kingpin, Leader, Little businessman, Maestro, Magnate, Makeup man, Man of commerce, Manager, Master, Master of ceremonies, Number one, Official, Orchestra leader, Overseer, Pilot, Playreader, President, Principal, Producer, Prompter, Ringmaster, Ruler, Scenewright, Set designer, Showman, Skipper, Spieler, Stage director, Stage manager, Steersman, Superintendent, Supervisor, Symphonic conductor, Theater man, Theatrician, Ticket collector, Top dog, Top executive, Tycoon, Usher, Usherer, Usherette, Vice-president

How to use Director in a sentence?

  1. He has been appointed finance director.
  2. The man was a great director and made a lot of memorable movies that I still watch and enjoy a lot.
  3. The art director ran the show today, everything she say will go. He will also pay the cast and staff.
  4. Sometimes it is best to just be a worker on a project instead of the director so you face less blame if things go wrong.

Meaning of Director & Director Definition

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Director Definition:

  • A person who oversees and leads a company or organization along with other directors. In the entertainment industry, people are involved in the production of movies, television shows, etc.

Meanings of Director

  1. Responsible for any activity, service or organization.

Sentences of Director

  1. CFO appointed.


Director means,

  1. A person who oversees and leads a company or is appointed to partner with other directors. In the entertainment industry, people are involved in the production of movies, television shows, etc.

Meanings of Director

  1. A person who is responsible for an activity, department or organization.


Director Meanings:

  1. A person appointed to oversee and guide partnerships with a company or other directors. In the entertainment industry, people involved in the production of movies, television shows, etc.

Meanings of Director

  1. The person responsible for the activity, department or organization.