Definition of Directive:

  1. Includes control of administration or operations.

  2. A formal, binding decision or statement is usually related to a policy or action that encourages or discourages certain activities.

  3. Official or official instructions.

Synonyms of Directive

Pointable, Governing, Managerial, Regulatory, Impelling, Directed, Actuating, Injunction, Rule, Didactic, Instruction, Commanding, Motivational, Aimable, Obligating, Directory, On the mark, Peremptory, General orders, Well-aimed, Guiding, Instructive, Recommendatory, Causal, Remonstrative, Inducive, Instruction, Prescript, Urgent, Motive, Moving, Dirigible, Edict, Prescriptive, Notice, Monitory, Impulsive, Leadable, Admonitory, Exhortatory, Monitorial, Hortatory, Cautionary, Leading, Regulating, Order, Sententious, Remonstrant, Enjoinment, Communication, Directional, Preachy, Head, Trainable, Jussive, Prescription, Ukase, Direction, Decretal, Compelling, Animating, Pressing, Direction, Moralistic, Ruling, Regulative, Expostulative, Dictating, Expostulatory, Mandating, Aimed, Imperative, Prescription, Hortative, Word, Exhortative, Causative, Preceptive, Directing, Advisory, Directorial, Consultative, Well-directed, Memo, Decree, Steerable, Guidable, Consultatory, Decretive, Warning, Regulation, Managing, Charge, Driving, Motivating, On the nose, Controlling, Demand, Precept, Decretory, Command, Chief, Remonstratory

How to use Directive in a sentence?

  1. If you are seriously injured and cannot talk to yourself, it is important to see a doctor first to tell your doctor about your needs.
  2. Ethical and moral guidelines.
  3. I have to follow instructions or my landlord will say goodbye and evict me if I don't lease.
  4. When your boss gives you instructions, it's best to delete them immediately to show that you can do something.
  5. Find a leading role in energy policy.

Meaning of Directive & Directive Definition


How Do You Define Directive?

Government orders or instructions. In the context of the European Union, it is one of the legal instruments issued by competent EU institutions. A directive is sent to member states asking them to make the necessary changes to their national legislation to comply with the provisions of one of the European Commission agreements.

Meanings of Directive

  1. Government or official instructions

  2. Which includes the direction or direction of the operation.

Sentences of Directive

  1. New EC directive

  2. Authorities want a leading role in energy policy.

Synonyms of Directive

fiat, mandate, law, dictate, ordinance, dictum, diktat