Definition of Directing:

  1. Extending or moving from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  2. Control the operations of; manage or govern.

  3. Give (someone) an official order or authoritative instruction.

  4. (of a person or their behaviour) going straight to the point; frank.

  5. Perpendicular to a surface; not oblique.

  6. With no one or nothing in between.

  7. Aim (something) in a particular direction or at a particular person.

  8. Without intervening factors or intermediaries.

  9. A basic management function that includes building an effective work climate and creating opportunity for motivation, supervising, scheduling, and disciplining.

Synonyms of Directing

Face to face, Personal, Unmediated, Head-on, Immediate, First-hand, Aim, Point, Level, Administrative, Bureaucratic, Chief, Commanding, Controlling, Directive, Directorial, Directory, Executive, Governing, Guiding, Head, Leading, Managerial, Managing, Ministerial, Official, Regulating, Regulative, Regulatory, Supervisory, Instruct, Tell, Command, Order, Give orders to, Charge, Call on, Require, Dictate, Straight, Undeviating, Unswerving, Administer, Manage, Run, Control, Govern, Conduct, Handle, Directly, Straight, In person, Without an intermediary, Frank, Straightforward, Honest, Candid, Open, Sincere, Straight, Straight to the point, Blunt, Plain-spoken, Outspoken, Forthright, Downright, Uninhibited, Unreserved, Point blank, No-nonsense, Matter-of-fact, Bluff, Undiplomatic, Tactless

How to use Directing in a sentence?

  1. The complications are a direct result of bacteria spreading.
  2. The directing arm of our company is frequently mentioned as we believe our entire working environment contributes to our success.
  3. They seem reluctant to deal with me direct.
  4. He is very direct and honest.
  5. A new supervisor was hired in the hope of directing the development division to a better creative environment unlike the one we had before.
  6. Heating ducts to direct warm air to rear-seat passengers.
  7. An economic elite directed the nations affairs.
  8. The judge directed him to perform community service.
  9. There was no direct flight that day.
  10. Since the new position was for a directing manager, many of the interview questions were centered around interpersonal and supervisory expertise, as well as designed to vet the possible new directors problem-solving skills.

Meaning of Directing & Directing Definition