Definition of Directed:

  1. Without intervening factors or intermediaries.

  2. Give (someone) an official order or authoritative instruction.

  3. (of a person or their behaviour) going straight to the point; frank.

  4. With no one or nothing in between.

  5. Aim (something) in a particular direction or at a particular person.

  6. Extending or moving from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  7. The act of having managed, supervised or regulated a task, project, individual, group, or group of groups.

  8. Perpendicular to a surface; not oblique.

  9. Control the operations of; manage or govern.

  10. A general course that something takes, aims for, or is intended for. For example, a CEOs press release may be intended for or directed towards shareholders.

Synonyms of Directed

Instruct, Tell, Command, Order, Give orders to, Charge, Call on, Require, Dictate, Frank, Straightforward, Honest, Candid, Open, Sincere, Straight, Straight to the point, Blunt, Plain-spoken, Outspoken, Forthright, Downright, Uninhibited, Unreserved, Point blank, No-nonsense, Matter-of-fact, Bluff, Undiplomatic, Tactless, Administer, Manage, Run, Control, Govern, Conduct, Handle, Straight, Undeviating, Unswerving, Face to face, Personal, Unmediated, Head-on, Immediate, First-hand, Directly, Straight, In person, Without an intermediary, Aim, Point, Level

How to use Directed in a sentence?

  1. Heating ducts to direct warm air to rear-seat passengers.
  2. He is very direct and honest.
  3. They seem reluctant to deal with me direct.
  4. There was no direct flight that day.
  5. The judge directed him to perform community service.
  6. An economic elite directed the nations affairs.
  7. The complications are a direct result of bacteria spreading.

Meaning of Directed & Directed Definition