Direct Definition:

  1. Insurance is sold without the seller's intervention. This category includes newspaper ad sales, telephone sales, and in-store activities.

Meanings of Direct

  1. Move or relocate the shortest route from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  2. No arbitration or mediation factors.

  3. Up to the point (about a person or his behavior).

  4. Stand on non-sloping surface

  5. Nothing with or in between.

  6. Management control or government operations.

  7. Point (something) towards a particular direction or a particular person.

  8. Give (someone) formal orders or government instructions.

Sentences of Direct

  1. There are no direct flights on this day

  2. Complications are a direct result of the spread of bacteria.

  3. He is very straightforward and honest

  4. Buy and save directly

  5. The economic elite controls the affairs of the state

  6. Warm air passage to warm passengers for rear passengers

  7. The judge ordered him to serve the community

Synonyms of Direct

immediate, personal, uninhibited, undeviating, unswerving, call on, directly, unreserved, outspoken, give orders to, matter-of-fact, in person, govern, require, conduct, straight to the point, point blank, sincere, undiplomatic, honest, without an intermediary, run, manage, plain-spoken, charge

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How Do You Define Direct?

  1. Insurance is sold without intermediaries. This category includes sales of newspaper advertisements, telephone sales and national office sales.

Meanings of Direct

  1. Spread or move from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  2. Without factors or intermediaries

  3. Standing on a neutral plane

  4. Manage or control the process.

  5. Point to a particular direction or a particular person (something).

Sentences of Direct

  1. Direct bit joint between steel surfaces.

  2. They seem reluctant to deal with me directly.

  3. Sending heat ducts to the rear passengers to the hot air.

Synonyms of Direct

through, unequivocal, shortest, orchestrate, quickest, uninterrupted, head, aim, be responsible for, intend for, dictate, pull the strings, be in command of, run the show, regulate, unbroken, head-on, oversee, command, explicit, administer



  • Meaning of Direct: Insurance is sold without intermediaries. This category includes newspaper ad sales, telephone sales, and national office sales.

Meanings of Direct

  1. Without factors or mediators.

  2. Straight to the point (a person or his behavior).

  3. Standing on an inclined plane.

  4. With no or nothing in between.

  5. Point (to something) in a particular direction or to a particular person.

Sentences of Direct

  1. Heating duct to carry hot air to the rear passengers

Synonyms of Direct

be in the saddle, speaking as one finds, from the horse's mouth, address to, downright, open, frank, blunt, mean for, unqualified, control, preside over, non-stop, turn on, guide, adjure, tête-à-tête, coordinate, be at the helm of, categorical, lead, handle