Direct Writing Agent

Direct Writing Agent,

What Does Direct Writing Agent Mean?

  • A direct recruitment agent is one who only sells insurance policies on behalf of the insurer. Therefore, they do not connect consumers to multiple insurers, but focus on selling only one company's insurance products.

    Direct writing agents are also called captive agents.

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Meanings of Direct:
  1. With or without someone in between.

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Sentences of Direct
  1. Buy and save now

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  3. Directing hot air to the passengers to go back through the hot air ducts

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  7. He is very straightforward and honest

Synonyms of Direct

undiplomatic, plain-spoken, point blank, call on, instruct, directly, straight to the point, sincere, downright, no-nonsense, bluff, frank, unmediated, dictate, outspoken, tactless, aim, unswerving, undeviating, head-on, forthright, administer, candid, order


Meanings of Writing:
  1. Activity or ability to mark related words on paper and write text.

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Sentences of Writing
  1. Parents want school to focus on reading, writing and math.

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Meanings of Agent:
  1. A person who works on behalf of another person or group.

  2. People or objects that play an active role or cause certain effects.

Sentences of Agent
  1. In case of illness, your nephew can act as a legal representative with unlimited powers.

  2. Universities are generally liberal communities that often see themselves as agents of social change.

Synonyms of Agent

proxy, spokeswoman, representative, broker, instrument, negotiator, mouthpiece, factor, frontman, trustee, envoy, liaison, emissary, medium, means, surrogate, spokesperson, business manager, vehicle, go-between, spokesman